F*Choir doesn’t hold auditions or require any previous singing experience. Historically, we’ve had capacity for about 40 members at once and a juicy waiting list that anyone can join. As people leave, new people join.  
The Covid-19 pandemic has meant our normal rehearsal, workshop and gig structures have been in constant adaptation and flux. With all of the experiments and changes we’re undertaking; we haven’t been able to take in new members in the same way we did before.
To stay connected and growing, we’re running monthly open sessions for anyone to join, led by Jenny Moore and a guest artist. We hope this is a way we can connect with you and give you a sense of F* until we have our fleshy feet back on the meaty ground. 
We recognise that the western choral tradition is dominated by white folks, empirical structures and patriarchal models and we want to fuck that up where and if possible. We encourage those who don’t fit this mould to join us, book us, follow us, write to us, share our work, challenge us and hold us accountable.

If you want to work with us, book us, or talk to us more, EMAIL. 
To register your interest in joining (pls read above), EMAIL.

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