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To stay in the loop about all things F*Choir related, including open sessions and when we have space for new singers, join our mailing list:


To book us for a gig or workshop, email us at


To contact Jenny Moore, our Musical Director and conductor, about her choral arrangements, facilitation, workshops, choir leading or her wider work as a composer, email her at
We currently have two vacancies to work with F*Choir:
(closing date: 10th March, follow instructions in job descriptions to apply)
General Manager (1 day per week)
Access Support Worker (2 days per month)
How does F*Choir membership work? 
We don't hold auditions or require any previous singing experience. We have capacity for 60 members, and folks sign up on a term by term basis. As people leave, new people join.  
We hold regular Open Sessions (approx every 8 weeks), which is like a regular F*Choir rehearsal but anyone can join, vibrate, blow off some steam and experience F*Choir methods and repertoire. We've met hundreds of babes at our open sessions and learnt that the desire and need for communal singing, queer connection, and healing space is huge. We continue to look for ways to support this craving within our capacities. 
We keep in touch with our Open Session community via email and a whatsapp group and it is the first place we will go to offer full choir membership when places come available. 
How do I know what an Open Session is coming?
Join our mailing list. We always offer spots to the mailing list first. Follow us on instagram @f__choir 
Who does F*Choir work with? 
We recognise that the western choral tradition is dominated by white folks, empirical structures and patriarchal models and we want to fuck that up where and if possible. We encourage those who don’t fit this mould to join us, book us, follow us, write to us, share our work, challenge us and hold us accountable. 

If you want to work with us, book us, or talk to us more, email us:

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