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We Believe...

That music is a kind of magic that belongs to everyone who joins in.

That singing together is a feminist practice.

That all bodies deserve protection from harm and spaces to heal​.

That singing should be accessible to all and that queer voices should be heard.

In tearing things up,

In rejecting systems of oppression that destroy peoples, cultures, worlds.

In asking questions rather than making assumptions about each other's identities, histories, possibilities. 

In collective organising, flexible leadership and learning as we go along. 

Embracing beautiful chaos while holding ourselves to account.

That music has the power to change us and remake the world.

That singing together commits us to joy and keeping hope alive.

F*Choir is a 60 piece, London-based, all-genders community choir led by composer and multidisciplinary artist Jenny Moore. Over the last 7 years it has grown as a place to gather in body and in voice, to vibrate and move and learn together. We sing songs about gender, sexuality, freedom and rage. We don’t use traditional sheet music and gendered voice parts or auditions, but instead devise other ways to notate and perform Moore’s high energy arrangements of everything from Meredith Monk and Lauryn Hill to Beverley Glenn Copeland. Our aim is to provide space for all voices to be heard without assuming anyone’s gender, origin or sexuality - to use the choir as a form of feminist practice and communal singing as a type of magic.


F*Choir has performed across the UK, sold out gigs at various venues including Earth Hackney, Bishopsgate Institute, Mountford Hall, Raven Row, Wellcome Collection; worked with Young Women’s Music Project and OVADA in Oxford, set up a DIY residency in Catalonia, Spain. In 2020 we were in-residence at Borealis festival for experimental music, Norway, leading a euphoric week of concerts, workshops and interventions across Bergen. Our work has been featured on BBC3 Late Junction, “Hymns and Hers: Radical Choirs and Feminist Carols,” the Guardian, Ballade Magazine, New Statesman and supported by our musical hero, the patron saint of F*Choir, Planningtorock.

Jenny Moore by Rosie Wilson.jpg

Jenny Moore Founding Director 
Jenny is a composer, singer, drummer and live artist originally from Canada. Voice and rhythm propels her compositional work, deep-rooted somatic storytelling is at the heart of her writing and directing. This practice works from the body, rhythm, oral / aural traditions, with the theories of muscular bonding and Deep Listening, and choreographic tools for tuning, sensing and expanding music. She believes music is a social creature, ripe for political movement. Jenny arranges and writes for F*Choir, offering complex, percussive ear-worms that challenge singers to be full-body vocalists, incorporating percussive elements and expanded vocal technique. 15 years of teaching and facilitation experience support her playful and heart-felt conducting style. 

Other projects include: London-based choral-punk ensemble Jenny Moore’s Mystic Business known for their tuned percussion, huge vocals and chanted soulful mantras, a mix of the 90's R&B and post-punk Jenny grew up with. Their debut EP, "He Earns Enough," was released on Lost Map Records in 2021, with The Piano Tapes Vol. 1, recorded live in St Barnabas, Dalston following in 2022.


Her new experimental choral punk musical, "Wild Mix" - a queer kickboxing, drumming, singing ritual - is currently in development.


She's a regular on the London DIY scene in bands like the dance-punk trio Charismatic Megafauna and Bas Jan, hosts a radio show on Soho Radio called 'Hitting Things,' and recently made her theatre debut as Composer for Robin Hood: The Legend Re-Written at Regents’ Park Open Air Theatre.


Soho Radio Show 

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