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Singing in F* Choir is about embodied learning, feeling it out until the right notes and rhythms start to come out of your body. Using ensemble structure, non-gendered voice parts and experimental percussive scores, we actively resist a white, western, male-centric choral tradition. 


We sing original scores by Jenny and experimental arrangements of songs, like a mashup of protest song “Reclaim the Night” with pop banger “Keep Some Hope”, a canonical, stomping version of Planningtorock’s “Misogyny Drop Dead” and Lauryn Hill’s “Everything is Everything”. We weave polyphonic hockets', make dance beats by pounding on our chests, breathe drone-y, zoom-y melodies with lyrics like “we are not alone/do not be afraid”. 


F*Choir was born from a feeling that our voices were ignored, muffled or totally non-existent in music, politics and beyond. F*Choir is open to people of all genders to explore the difficulty, inadequacy, trouble, power, emancipation, conflict, love and resources our feminisms can bring us. It is a space to hear and learn about different voices, and start accepting our own different voices. 


In four years, F* Choir has grown from a small group of activists in need of a nourishing outlet, into a force of queers, feminists and music-makers. We've sold out gigs across London and the UK, been welcomed as guests on radio shows like Worldwide FM and Soho radio, curated a week-long program ‘Doing, not Saying’ at Borealis Festival in Bergen and founded a singing residency in the Catalonian Mountains.

Currently, we are finding new ways to sing together while we can’t physically, and working on a digital archive to document what we got up to in 2020...

But, we are seriously missing the transcendent joy that comes with singing in the flesh together


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