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Privacy Policy 2024

Mailing list

F*Choir maintains a mailing list that contains the personal data of our supporters and followers. Under GDPR regulations you have the right to know how we are handling your data and be made aware of your rights. We will only send you relevant content relating to the choir and our community.


Everyone on our mailing list has to give their explicit consent to let us contact them and hold their data. In accordance with the law we will periodically contact you to renew your consent.

Safety: We may share anonymised, statistical data about our audience with our funders and collaborators but we will never reveal anyone’s personal information in doing so.

In handling our supporters’ personal data we take care to keep it secure. All our staff uphold good data management practices and handle data sensitively, not keeping it for longer than appropriate or using it anywhere it isn’t needed.


Once you have given your consent for F*Chour to process and store your data, your personal information will be held securely on our Mailchimp account and on our secure shared drive. Third party sites we use are Google Drive, Mailchimp, Bandcamp, PayPal and Eventbrite. Each of these sites has their own data security plans and privacy policies on their websites.

If you have come along to one of our gigs or open sessions, joined the choir for any period, bought any of our merch online or applied for a job with F*Choir - we will have access to your contact details. However we won’t automatically add you to our mailing list and we regularly delete old emails.


If you have bought anything from the F*Choir (tickets/merchandise etc) your financial details will be processed by PayPal. Neither F*Choir or PayPal retain any financial information and every transaction is protected by PayPal’s advanced encryption.


You have the right to know about the information organisations hold about you. Whenever you want you can ask to see all the information we hold about you. You can ask for this information to be edited or deleted. You can also ask us to send you a copy of your information.

Contact us: If you have a question about your data, or want to be removed from our mailing list simply contact us via 

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