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weekly f*sharings ~ delicious treats from the community…

As we are currently unable to meet in person, f*choir are taking the time between each online rehearsal to share songs, covers of our covers, doodles, writing and ideas that are keeping us going – with each other – and now you! Here is what we have been swapping so far…

Roll up roll up, a glimpse into Rosa’s lockdown:

At the beginning of Quarantine, a friend shared with me Peter Cat Recording Co’s album – bismillah – which i wallowed in for a bit. It’s a both beautiful and pretty bleak journey through capitalism and corruption. They don’t seem to settle on a style and each track sneakily but also snazzily travels through different sound palettes and musical eras. The nonchalantly apocalyptic vocal delivery both soothes and stings. Akin to the enjoyment of picking at a decent-sized scab. 

Anyway – on the flipside of my indulgent/subversive/hi brow wallow (#libraprobs) in apocalyptic dread –  my listening habits have changed loads and tend toward rare gems and finding new sounds to transport and escape (#libraprobsagain) rather than listening to faves over and over (well i have been doing that a bit) (#libraprobsarerealok). there’s loads of radio broadcast, djing and live music happening and that’s been amazing. Props to those artists who’ve continued making and responding and throwing new things across the internet, creating listening adventures through This Time. A few shout outs to some recent highlights – dig into the sonic buffet:

  1. Zakia’s live Saturday morning show on NTS has been a spot on mood. A mix of spiritual jazz, latin rhythms, freak folk, the odd classic and some real talk. Excellent vibes. 

  2. I listened to this May Day marathon broadcast show by Caroline Profanter interviewing DIY radio makers. In the final 5 mins there’s some incredible field recordings of folk music from Xinjiang. 

  3. This led me to the cult radio station – Shirley & Spinoza. Broadcast 24/7 from Urumqi since the 90s, is a voyage into unexpected aural realms. The full 20+ year archive is available to download. woah.   

  4. Finally, this Lunatraktors gig was a treat. Staggering vocal and rhythmic work – drawing out queer and rebel narratives from traditional british folk and music hall material. And that has to be the world’s sassiest version of The Teddy Bear’s Picnic at 1hr10. amirite? 

Anna sent us her musings on a Vanishing Twin track

The song has such a calming dreamy vibe, and the repetition of ‘we are side by side’ reminds me that even though we can’t literally stand side by side for now, we are still connected and collective…we are not islands!!!   

Molly gave us: Islands In The Stream by Communist Icon Dolly Parton “Have loved this one since they did the dance to it at Gwen’s surprise party on Gavin and Stacey.”

Zia gave us this cover of one of our covers: Chi Limpiroj‘s (who also does loads of other bangin covers too) version of Sheela-Na-Gig by PJ Harvey. “Although it’s just someone jamming on their acoustic guitar via webcam, it’s a good execution, and in a distinct style from the original which I appreciate in a cover.”

Beth shared these lovely pages from her notebook:

Sam sent us: The Big Jump by the Chemical Brothers saying “Chemical Brothers were a hue part of coming of age, so pretty much any hit of theirs reminds me of teenhood, but that one in particular has a dirty as fuck drop in it which literally makes my stomach boil in the same way as it does when I see someone I have a crush on.”

Debs sent us this great cover of River by Ibiye: this time by BELLATRIX

El shared some of her choir notebook pages:

We will be sharing some of these over the coming weeks too – so watch this space.

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