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Rubie speaks into a megaphone, against a backdrop of signs that read 'Primitive Love' and 'Misogyny Drop Dead'
Take Both Workshop with Rubie Green and F*Choir - More Info >
Sib demonstrates a punch and Jenny laughs and ducks at the 'Fighting not Dancing' workshop
Long, curtain-like sheets of F_Choir lyr
Rosa and Jeni Be sit on cushions reading

Politics Swap workshop with Nina Scott 

A group of people sit, lie, and kneel on

Listening Club - More info >

Photo credit:

Johanne Karlsrud/Borealis

Thor Brødreskift/Borealis

Feet in the air Yoga Borealis

Morning Yoga with Vlada - More Info >

Photo credit: Irem Müftüoglu

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